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Is it a Good or is it a Service (12)

December 17, 2012

I now understand that there is a distinct difference between goods and services. I use to think that they were bought the same but they are not. th

Good are tangible things that can be moved  at the time of their identification to a contract.

Services are basically something n0n tangible that is done for an individual like medical services, dental services or legal services

When I think of a good and service, I think about the barber shop

English: Barber shop

English: Barber shop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

where I get my hair done.The barber is cutting my hair which is a service, yet the clippers he uses to cut my hair is a tangible good. If something happened, causing my head to break out in hives and the clippers were recalled, he wouldn’t be responsible because he was not the manufacturer of the clippers.  This may not be the best example. Maybe if there was an electrical problem with the clippers causing a person’s head to singe. Never on these things have ever happened to me.

The reason that I bring this all up is that I like the case study of Brandt v. Boston Scientific Corporation and Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center.

Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Brandt received a defective sling during an operation for a urinary incontinence causing her medical complications resulting in the sling being removed. When she sued the Health Center, they felt that since they were only the provider of services, they should not be held responsible for the defective sling.

I do not agree with the fact that they are not liable. I believe that the provider of the services has some responsibility for making sure of the products that they use. If my barber did something to my head, I would automatically hold the barber at fault. The provider should be sued and then they in return should sue the manufacturer.

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