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The Lawbreakers and the Law they Maw (7)

October 8, 2012

One of my favorites shows use to be Law and Order. Although I still like Law and Order, I have now found that I really like the ID channel. It really can get addictive. Law and Order was pretty addicting also. Criminal Law and Cyber Crimes remind me of both Law and Order and the ID channel.I now have a better understanding of the differences between, a felony, misdemeanor and violation, words that I would hear on Law and Order. Along with crimes, white collar crimes and cyber crimes which is also a trademark of the ID. The following is a list of criminal charges:

Common Criminal Charges
■ Aiding & Abetting / Accessory
■ Assault / Battery
■ Drug Possession

Law & Order: Criminal Intent

Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

■ Burglary
■ Theft / Larceny

All Other Charges
■ Arson
■ Aggravated Assault / Battery
■ Attempt
■ Bribery
■ Child Abandonment
■ Child Abuse
■ Child Pornography
■ Computer Crime
■ Conspiracy
■ Credit / Debit Card Fraud
■ Criminal Contempt of Court
■ Cyber Bullying
■ Disorderly Conduct
■ Disturbing the Peace
■ Domestic Violence
■ Drug Manufacturing and Cultivation
■ Drug Trafficking / Distribution
■ Embezzlement
■ Extortion
■ Forgery
■ Fraud
■ Harassment
■ Hate Crimes
■ Homicide
■ Indecent Exposure
■ Identity Theft
■ Insurance Fraud
■ Kidnapping
■ Manslaughter: Involuntary
■ Manslaughter: Voluntary
■ Medical Marijuana
■ MIP: A Minor in Possession
■ Money Laundering
■ Murder: First-degree
■ Murder: Second-degree
■ Open Container Law
■ Perjury
■ Probation Violation
■ Prostitution
■ Public Intoxication
■ Pyramid Schemes
■ Racketeering / RICO
■ Rape
■ Robbery
■ Securities Fraud
■ Sexual Assault
■ Shoplifting
■ Solicitation
■ Stalking ■ Statutory Rape
■ Tax Evasion / Fraud
■ Telemarketing Fraud
■ Vandalism
■ White Collar Crimes
■ Wire Fraud
The terms I am having a problem with is beyond a reasonable doubt and unanimous decision by a jury. So in other words, no uncertainty is allowed. I feel that unless someone actually witnessed the crime, then not having a reasonable should be very hard to do. There is no room for uncertainty. I do not understand what is considered reasonable. I cannot be made to believe that I could ever be 100% sure because I would be afraid of being wrong and ruining someone’s life.

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