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A Wrongful Act Leading to Legal Liability (6)

October 1, 2012
English: The Restatement of Torts at the law l...

English: The Restatement of Torts at the law library of UC Berkeley School of Law. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The definition of tort is the body of the law which allows an injured person to obtain compensation from the person who caused the injury. There are several types of torts which include intentional torts, negligence, strict liability and product liability.

     The tort I will blog about is intentional tort.  An intentional tort requires intent to commit an act that is harmful or detrimental with the personal or business interests of another person in a way not permitted by law.   It does not even have to be a harmful or mean motive behind the tort. The law protects a person from unwanted touching, restraints or other contacts. Violations of these rights are actionable as torts.

     The first two intentional torts that come to mind =is assault and battery. These are two words that you normally hear together. Policemen use these torts to add more charges to the perpetrator. However, assault is the threat of immediate harm and battery is the unwanted offensive contact with another person. So if a person shoots someone an d announces that he is going to shootg that person, that is assault and battery. If he states I am going to kill you and does nothing, that is assault. If hwe walks up and shoots someone, that is battery.I can see why police like tom say assault and battery. You basically cannot have battery without assault.

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