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Let’s Resolve The Issue (4)

September 17, 2012

     More and more people and businesses are deciding to resolve their issues out of the courtroom. This is called Alternative Dispute Resolution . Some of the benefits of alternative dispute resolution is that it would cut down on attorney and court fees.  Also, it generally take a shorter period of time. The use of the court system can at times take years. There is also more optoins than in the court system. Personally, if I had to choose between going to court or an alternative Dispute Resolution, I would choose the latter.
The reason for this is that it appears that the ones getting rich in lawsuits are the attorneys. If you are in a car accident, an attorney wants at least 33% of what they get for you. It would be so much easier to go directly to the insurance company(although we do have that option). However, insurance companies seem to rather pay more when an attorney is involved, than to pay the injured party. I do not understand this.

Public Meeting to Discuss Agency's Alternative...

Public Meeting to Discuss Agency’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Program (Photo credit: NRCgov)

Satisfaction Guaranteed (manga)

Satisfaction Guaranteed (manga) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

     “Roy L. Pearson Jr., an administrative law judge, claimed that the Chungs had lost the pants to his $1,000-plus Hickey Freeman suit, and then tried to pass off another pair as his. He refused to accept the pants, then sued, saying the Chungs failed to provide the “satisfaction guaranteed” they advertised.” Ultimately, he was suing for $67 million dollars. After all, they did advertise satisfaction guaranteed. If this is a frivolous case, then I do not know what is. Besides the fact that he lost the case, he was not reappointed for another 10 year term as administrative law judge. I cam only wonder what he was thinking. He lost a lucrative salary and the Chungs are out thousands of dollars in lawyer fees. If I were them, I would sue him using an alternative dispute resolution.

Pantsless Pearson Presses His Suit

Pantsless Pearson Presses His Suit (Photo credit: Mike Licht,

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