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Understanding Federal and State Courts (3)

September 10, 2012

The judicial system in the U.S is made up of two different court systems:

      1. ) The federal court system.

      2. ) The state court systems.

Each court system is responsible for hearing certain types of cases, neither is completely independent of the other, and the systems often interact. Both court systems solve legal disputes and take up for legal rights.

Federal District Courts are  generally the trial courts of the United States Federal Court System and  these district trial courts were established by Congress.

The State Court System include limited-jurisdiction trial courts, general jurisdiction trial courts, intermediate appellate courts, and a supreme court. State courts have jurisdiction to hear cases that fedceral courts do not have the jurisdiction to hear.

Federal and State Governments enact laws that regulate business. Numerous administrative agencies assist in implementing and enforcing these laws. These administrative agencies are informally referred to as the fourth branch of government because of their importance.

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