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Is it Slander (1)

September 2, 2012

Law are rules. Rules that people/business must live by. Without rules there would only be chaos. Laws promote peace and shape our moral standards.In DeAngelo Bailey v. Marshall Bruce Mathers,III a/k/a Eminem, Emimem, a rapper, raps about experiences hen had in the 4th grade with a kid named D’Angelo and how he was bullied. D’Angelo sued Eminem and lost.

The Eminem Show

The Eminem Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I felt the  court of appeal of Michigan upholding the trial court decision was fair. DeAngelo confirmed everything Eminem said in his lyrics. However, I am not sure if using the person’s real name should be legal. If nothing else it is embarrassing. Eminem should have tried to change the person’s name around in his lyrics.I probably would have tried to sue Judge Servitto for trying to rhyme/rap in her summary disposition.

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